Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Yet again..another struggle we Christians face that I am feeling led to talk about is being in God's Word daily! It is such a hard thing to  me sometimes. I would rather do something else or I tell myself that I don't have time today to spend time with God. But that just for  back to my last post about how much God love us. We should love Him enough to spend a small portion of the time He gives us with Him daily. If I'm being honest...sometimes I let myself get get so overwhelmed with feelings, emotions, thoughts..etc..that I don't even talk to God about it. I think about the many times I did the wrong thing because I didn't seek wisdom and guidance from Him. But you do receive wisdom that you can keep with you forever from God's Word. There is no way to retain the wisdom wisdom you need from God's Word without reading and studying it. So I am going to CHALLENGE YOU and MYSELF to post on my blog what you read or what spoke to your heart every day. It's not an easy challenge. I will fail sometimes..I know I will. But let's encourage each other as much as possible. It doesn't have to be long but let your friends know about this challenge as well! :) I will start tomorrow Lord willing and I hope to read what spoke to all of your hearts as well in your time with God.


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    1. Thanks! Spread the word! The more people involved, the better!

  2. Loved the post and I truly agree!! Thanks for sharing this!!