Wednesday, March 27, 2013


My youth pastor preached a message recently about witnessing and getting a friend or some friends in your life that are unsaved. And then after that, my Bible Study teacher expounded on it. He talked about not being super close to them but influencing them to Christ and showing Him in all areas in your life. That includes the way you act, the way you react to people and situations, and your conversation. But he really encouraged us to pray about finding some unsaved people to reach out to. Well I prayed right there and then sincerely asking God to give me someone that I could reach out to. I knew that I didn't have a lot of extra time to devote to someone but I wanted to reach out to an unsaved person. Since I do not go to a public school, I am not around a lot of unsaved people usually. So a week or so has past and Sunday, a lady came to church that my mom had invited and she brought her younger sister and her three kids. Well the sister was my age and she seemed kinda odd but I introduced myself at church and then she ended up coming to my house for the afternoon. Well I later found out that she had a bad background and so she is not completely "with her age group" mentally. So I was like wow...God really brought someone who needed a friend and who was unsaved into my life. We took her to church tonight and she had a lot of questions and she was very curious. We talked for a little while but it seemed that I could only half-way answer one question before she would ask another question. Eventually we left and the conversation was cut short so I know she is very confused still but I hope to become a part of her life and her a part of mine. I pray that she will see Christ in my life continually. She is already so interested and she sees the difference. I am excited about being able to reach out to her and I pray that if it is God's will, that he will save her and she will want to be saved. She has asked some pretty difficult questions to answer so far, so please pray that God will give me wisdom so that I may explain things simply for her. I know she wants to be like everyone else because she tells me that, but she doesn't realize that what makes us different is Christ in our life. So please lift my family up in prayer as we reach out to her sister and their family and for me as I try to show Christ to her.

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