Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What is Your Heart's Desire?

I am so sorry you guys! I honestly feel terrible about not being able to blog recently at all. It just seems that life gets quite chaotic sometimes. But I wanted to share with you whats been on my heart recently. I post a lot of thoughts on being different and how hard it is sometimes, but i want to take it one step further. Hope and I have been talking about this. We need to show others how different we are but we also need to show them that living for God brings a good life. Its not some boring life that everyone thinks about when they think about being a devoted Christian. But Its impossible to help people if they don't have any kind of desire driving them to be different. But where does desire for God and that kind of stuff come from? Please leave comments and tell what you think. But two questions and I'm done...what is your hearts desire? Is it a desire for God and Heavenly things, or for this world and it's earthly possessions?


  1. Michaella, wow, what a great post!! to answer your questions....my heart's desire is to serve God with my life. I want to show others God's love and encourage them. I want my life to matter, I want to influence others. I want my life down here to count and not just waste it away on temporary things. Great post!! :) I enjoyed it!!

  2. Great post Michaella! My heart's desire is to be a good friend, a good daughter to my parents, a good sister, and a servant for God:)

  3. Thanks for this Michaella. Very encouraging. I think desire for spiritual things is cultivated. Like I was telling one my friends, you aren't going to get saved and then all the sudden love to read your bible everyday. It takes work, and the more you do it, the more you want to. And I know for me, that is how the desire to walk with God and grow in him came from. But my heart's desire is to grow closer to God each day, and walk in the Spirit. I want my heart to be on fire for God and I want him to use me in any way he can. Like I heard in a message one time..I want him to consume me.