Friday, January 25, 2013

Weekly Challenge

Okay, second blog post, here I go! Today has been a pretty chill day. But one thing I have been struggling with lately is having personal time with God. Sometimes, I don't really know what to study next because I have so much piled up; so I put it off and it never gets done. No matter how many times I here someone (like a preacher or an evangelist) say that you can never be too busy for God, it seems that things come up and there is really no time for Him. Its really easy for me to do a 5 minute devotional book and say I'm done so I can check it off my list. This is something that I really need to work on!

Since I have been going to my school, its been hard for me to adjust to the different beliefs. Especially this year. But I have seen God grow me and I feel so much stronger in my faith than ever before. But sometimes, I get so overwhelmed in trying to study that I do want to quit. So this is another weak area pertaining to my time with God. I believe that it is very important to have this time everyday. No, I don't see it as a sin to maybe miss one or two days because of a busy schedule, but I need to try to make time for Him. Once, I heard a pastor say that its not wrong to miss your time with God one day, but you better miss your time with God when you miss it. Easier said, when you miss you personal devotions, you had better miss having them and miss being with your God.

One more thing and I'm done. I don't want to be a "check it off my list" kind of Christian. I want to desire to have my time with God and to pray continually throughout the day like I am talking to my best friend because He is. Like I would text one of my earthly best friends throughout the day, that is how I long to talk to God. But the only way he talks back is through His Word. And that is a problem if I'm not having my time with Him everyday. So to sum it all up, I want to be the kind of Christian who desires to be in God's presence as much as possible, who makes time for Him no matter what the day brings, and who never gives up because things get hard and difficult. I pray that this somehow ministered to your heart and that you could relate to something I said. This is going to be my weekly challenge. Does it need to be yours?


  1. What a great post Michaella. Such great words of encouragement! I often feel the same way with the different beliefs at my school too. Since I started college it has been harder to stand up for God since I went to a Christian school for elementary and High School. But like you said, I feel a lot closer and more confident in God even though I may not feel it in myself. It has really allowed me to change my focus and draw closer to Him through it. What a great post and so encouraging!

  2. I was really encouraged by this post Michaella. Loved hearing your thoughts about devotions. I completely understand about the whole "checking it off the list" thing..It's so easy to do, but I have to tell myself that God wants more than just for me to do my devos just to do them..he wants me to grow closer to him, to learn from his word and listen to him.
    Oh and it looks like you got some more followers..awesome =)

    1. Thank u Britt...I totally understand and I know that the way we grow is through trials but it is very difficult! That's why I have to always keep reminding myself that God is right here to help me and I just have to take his hand and walk with Him hand in hand. and is very easy for me to do the list thing honestly but I have to keep telling myself that God wants to have a close relationship with me but I have to desire that too! It's just too easy to slip away from Him and way to difficult to get back into a close relationship. thanks girl for being such an amazing friend! :)